Fly Patterns using Masu fly tying products

PMD Emerger - Foam wing case on a C3 hook
Western Green Drake Emerger
March Brown cripple
Callibaetis cripple
Red Blood Worm on a S5 hook
Fluor. orange bead worm
Bead Worm - Dark Wine
Bead Worm - Brown
Hornet - C7 hook
Honey Bee w/dropper loop
winged beetle w/dropper loop
Olive Leech
Canadian Blood Leech
Brown Leech
Black Leech tied with Leech Ribbon - A slotted tungsten bead is used to offset the weight of the bend causing this fly to ride inverted like a jig...
Trico Spinner - K3
Callibaetis Spinner
Rusty Spinner
PMD Spinner - "Crimped" Poly wings tied on a D9 hook
Golden Stone Nymph - Jig
Golden Stone Nymph - Jig2
Blood Worm 1
Blood Worm 2
Alpine lake ant - C7 hook
Honey Ant
Foam Beetle
Tiny PMD Nymph - S6 hook
Little brown mayfly nymph
Baetis nymph
Hidden Tungsten Bead
Pheasant Rump Damsel - The nymph that swims!
Tiny P-Rump nymph
P-Rump - jigged
Pheasant Rump Leech tied with a tungsten bead on a L9 hook
Olive Peacock Leech
Canadian Brown leech
Blood leech tied with Leech Ribbon
Black mohair leech
Zebra Midge - S6
Zebra Midge
Zebra Midge
Zebra Midge
Bead Worm
red bead worm
olive bead worm
Steelhead bead worm
Pheasant Tail colored tungsten bead
Two Tung nymph
Prince Nymph
Hare's Ear
Blue Winged Olive
Pink Albert Dun
Pale Morning Dun
Western March Brown
Adult Damsel - K3
Cranefly Skater
Skating Caddis
Wiggle Stone
Green Caddis Larva - J1
Peeking Caddis
Czech Nymph Caddis - S5
Green Caddis
little Brown Caddis
Sparkle Pupa
Net Builder Caddis
Egg fly
Tiny Scud
Hare's Ear - Jigged
Turkey Nymph - Jigged
Baetis Nymph
Tiny brown mayfly
Yellow Sally 1
Yellow Sally 2
Yellow Sally 3
Yellow Sally 3
Salmon Fly
Brown Drake Dun - BD1 hook
Brown Drake Upright Spinner
Brown Drake Emerger
Golden Chubby
Midge - K3 hook
Midge Adult - D9 hook
MIdge Emerger - S6 hook
Hebgen Lake Midge